The youth meet each Sunday from 4:00pm - 5:30pm and each Wednesday from 5:30pm - 8:30pm.

God has been doing amazing things through our student ministries at Parkway Church. Our middle and high school students gather multiple times throughout the week.

Our desire is to help our students experience Jesus in their daily lives. We stress that attending church does not solidify your eternity. The only thing that matters is surrendering your life to Jesus Christ and following Him. This is asking a lot for kids this age, but we believe in training and equipping our students to stand for their faith in a challenging world.

We pray that nonbelievers will become believers. We pray that young Christians will become mature Christians. We pray that these Christian students will develop into disciple makers. 

Middle and high school students meet separately for Sunday School at 9:00am. We meet on Sunday afternoons as well as Wednesday evenings. We encourage students to bring their friends and have them be around peers who are like-minded. We want Parkway to be a place of encouragement and support for our adolescents and teenagers. Adult volunteers/mentors are always welcome.