Not a Cynic

The message of God’s Grace tells us that we are nothings who’ve been made into something by the Lord. We were rebels and enemies of God, dead in our sin and on the wide road that leads to destruction and eternal death. But God in his grace rescued us, and by His grace he will bring us home. This should and must engender humility. The more we know and appreciate this, the more humble we should be. And the more humble we are, the better we’ll be able to walk by the Spirit in dependence on the Lord’s mighty grace. And the better we will learn to extend love and grace to one another.

Sadly most of us have become cynics. We look around us and believe that people have horrible ulterior motives. Some will tell me that they are just discerning…discerning of the bad nature of others. But there is a significant difference between discernment and cynicism. We are not called to be cynics, servants. When we become cynics, we can’t see the beautiful and miraculous work of the Holy Spirit in our lives or the lives of our brothers and sisters in Christ. It’s hard work wrestling down the inner cynics of our hearts, but we must. We have to let go of the individual visions we have for our own lives, the life of our family and church so that we can embrace and grasp God’s vision…that is if I want to live in such a way that I see what God is doing…getting a peak behind the Spiritual curtain.  

Cynicism or the belief that other people are motivated only by their own self-interests or from a desire to bring about evil outcomes, comes mostly from bitter disappointments that we’ve experienced in the past. Most of us have had the experience of having people we trust fail us…people whom we’ve admired betray us or treat us badly, which has burst long-held ideas and expectations. For many of us this has occurred more than once and so we either avoid others, or expect betrayal. We sometimes get to the point when we interpret the remarks of actions of others in the most negative light possible. How can we get beyond this? How can we experience healing and wholeness from cynicism? Please join us this Sunday as we explore the answers to this in the Gospel of Luke as we continue in our series on “Radical Revitalization”.