The Wealth of Joy

This Sunday we will be talking about an important aspect of Christian maturity as we look at an important passage in second Corinthians. Paul is writing to the Corinthians and instructing them about the attitude of generosity and how it functions in the life of a believer and in the community of the church.


He begins this discussion by bringing up the church in Macedonia as a model and an example for them. He describes the Macedonian believers as being poor, but extremely generous. In fact, he goes so far as to say that their “wealth” was their joy in what God had done for them. Think about that for a moment. Their wealth wasn’t in money and comfortable things in this world, but rather they were rich in joy, because they had grown in gratitude for what God had done for them. And this spilled out over to others.

They weren’t motivated by a guilt trip or because they were being manipulated by others. Rather their motivation was simple joy and gratitude because of God’s faithful work in their hearts. They gave out of the abundance of joy they had in their new identity in Christ. It was their poverty and their joy that combined together to produce an abundant and amazing generosity beyond what they had. May the Lord’s grace continue to work in our hearts, as He has done in the Macedonian church