In keeping with all we see of God’s character and commands, we long for poverty to end, for justice towards the oppressed, for the blind to see and the lame to walk, for widows and orphans to be cared for, for those in chains to be set free, for the earth to be rightly stewarded, for wars to cease, for those at enmity with each other be reconciled, and for those who are lost to be found by Jesus and the salvation He alone brings through the power of the Holy Spirit, our missionary brothers and sisters are working faithfully to make these things come true.


  • Thomas Family

    Missionaries in St. Petersburg, Russia

  • Water@Work

  • John H - Missionary to Muslims in Lyon, France

  • Steve Woodworth - International Theological Education Network

  • Grace Hoyt - Campus Ministry at the University of Cincinnati

  • Will and Etta Shehee

  • David and DebbieWalker - Missionaries in Singapore