Studies are offered Sundays from 9:00am - 9:50am 



An Immersive Spiritual Experience of Every Word and Act of Jesus 

Sunday Mornings 9am - During September and October in Rooms 102 & 104

  •  4 Gospels woven into one complete story

  • 56 amazing OT prophecies are inserted where fulfilled

  • Presented in an interactive reader’s-theatre format

  • Uses only the words of Scripture as God inspired

  • Nothing omitted or altered to satisfy “political correctness”

Discover the most important figure and event in history—

God's coming to earth in Jesus Christ.


Life and Ministry of the Messiah | Library

Travel to Israel and radically change your understanding of the Scriptures.  Wet your feet in the Jordan River and impact the culture with life-giving water.  In this study series, historian and teacher Ray Vander Laan will show us (via DVD) how Jesus' call to follow Him turned the world upside down. Discover how the events of Jesus' day impacted His life and ministry - and how it affects yours today.

The Book of Hebrews | Room 102

Written to Jewish believers who were persecuted and tempted to leave the faith, the central theme of Hebrews is simple but powerful—Christ is superior.  Jesus is greater than the prophets of old; greater than the angels, greater than Moses and Joshua, and even greater than the Law and its priesthood.  Jesus is the source of our faith, hope, and love.  We will explore the letter to the Hebrews, unpacking this central theme of Christ's superiority in all things and demonstrating that this letter is dense and deep, complex and compelling, profound and practical.  We will discover that the book of Hebrews has the words to refresh our minds and cleanse ours the souls. 

The Gospel of John | Room 104

Where do I begin?  Ask most Christians what book of the Bible they would recommend reading first, and 99% will tell you to begin with the Gospel of John.  This book was written, “… that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name.” (John 20:31). 

The Wired Word | Room 115

Explore a topic drawn from the week’s headlines and discuss scriptural applications.

Youth High School + Middle School | Trailer B | Room 1

The high school and middle school students are walking through the Gospel.

4th & 5th Grade | Creation | The Life Of Joseph | Downstairs

We are also excited to have our 4th and 5th graders in their year-long study of the amazing book of Genesis!

3 Years Old - 3rd Grade | Walk with Me | Downstairs

(All ages are as of September 1, 2019)

Biblical and Reformed— Our children will receive a strong Biblical foundation shaped by the theology taught in the Creeds and Confessions of the Presbyterian Church.

Designed to Grow Faith— Through lessons that encourage discipleship children learn to live out their faith each day.

Kid-Friendly— Age-appropriate and appealing to different learning styles, Walk With Me  respects the many ways children learn.

Fun— The Gospel is good news so it should be fun! Intentional about Building Community— Children learn to care for and encourage one another as they learn together.

Childcare | Room 107

Loving, professional childcare is available during worship services and Sunday Discipleship for children age 0 through 2 years.  Our littlest ones also enjoy a Bible story from our God Loves Me curriculum.