December 6th: Good Shepherd

     Do you know and listen for the Good Shepherd’s voice?   When we belong to the Good Shepherd’s flock, he is committed to love and care for us.  I love the comparison Jesus gives us being sheep, for sheep are prey species, they bond closely to other sheep, they also know their name and  recognize and know the voice of the one that cares for them.    Isn’t it great to know we have a Good Shepherd who rescues, cares, feeds, protects, loves and provides?   In John 10:11 it states, “I am the good shepherd.  The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.” 

       Since sheep usually graze on open, unfenced areas, there may be some that stray.  But when they hear their shepherd’s voice, they know to follow the voice to come back home.   The Good Shepherd is always looking for sheep that may have strayed to bring them back to the loving care and protection of the flock.  Jesus, our Good  Shepherd, gave his life so we know salvation and life everlasting.    Let us encourage and share the Good Shepherd’s news of salvation with those that need to know his voice, especially during advent season as we celebrate his birth.

      When I lost my Mom in 2010, the Good Shepherd provided me love and comfort and when I had a health crisis in 2014, he cared, provided, loved and comforted me and my family.  The Good Shepherd calls us his own and loves us beyond measure.   He is always there to love and care for us.  We need to trust, obey and listen to his voice and share the good news of his salvation to others during this advent season.  Let us share his love daily to others, so they know of the Good Shepherd, Jesus.


Heavenly Father, Thank you for being my Good Shepherd and for your saving grace.  
During this advent season, let us listen to your voice and help us lead others home to you so they know your voice and come into your flock.


Submitted by Tammy Fowler, Deacon