December 28th: Jesus


Jesus, There’s Something About That Name

 Reference Matthew 1: 21

Suggested Advent Reading Luke 2: 21-35


     If you are a parent, how long did it take you to name your children? If I remember correctly, Bob and I took quite some time researching names, family trees, and even the book Beyond Jennifer & Jason:  An Enlightened Guide to Naming Your Baby! Apparently, Mary and Joseph didn’t experience this dilemma.  In our scripture reference, an angel tells Joseph to name the child Jesus during a dream. Fortunately, Mary received the same heavenly instructions in Luke 1:31.

      Why is His name so important? The name Jesus means “Jehovah is salvation” and “to deliver, to rescue.” His name is directly tied to His identity and purpose. Again, in Matthew 1:21 (ESV), “She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.” This name choice achieves two goals. It affirms Jesus as the savior, and it lets us know that the name was not selected at random. According to Luke 2:21, the name was given to Him before He was conceived the womb!

      Think about it. As scripture, songs, and hymns attest, there’s something about that name, a name above all names! We even pray in His name. His name helps us see Him more clearly so that we can know Him better.

      How can we become more like Jesus? How can we reflect His character today?


Prayer:  Lord,

As we unwrap and reflect on the names of Jesus, help us to share this precious gift with the world so that others will know Him and be saved through Him.

In the powerful Name of Jesus, Amen

Submitted by Mitzi Keithly