December 26th: Jesus Christ the Savior

      I find history fascinating.  In my quest for historical truth, I have found one event, one birth and one man who truly impacted our foundations, changing the morals and values of entire societies and social structures.  No matter how hard people, powers and principalities have tried, His name and teachings have never been blotted from our history.   Thousands of years before being born, chosen people memorized and recited the Old Testament  prophecies; including hundreds about his birth and life. Each one came true. What was the probability of this occurring?  He had to be born from the correct family lineage, in a specific location, under a special star, at the right time of year, and to a virgin whose betrothed    husband could have left her because of the circumstances.  To come true; celestial time, world events and human generations all had to align perfectly allowing  Luke ‘the physician’ to record this short, easily read, but powerful sentence that fulfilled years of anticipation:

Luke 2:11 – Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.

      Jesus Christ, God, born of woman and fully human, steps onto the world stage and   during the next 33 years He changes everything for all eternity.  Whether you adore or   despise, acknowledge or reject Him it makes no difference, your life has been impacted by this one man, the Savior

      Webster defines a savior as a person who saves someone or something from danger or harm.  Rich or poor, educated or ignorant, clean or dirty, man or woman, we all share one unique trait I call the ‘human experience’.  I define it as the personal life experiences we each enjoy or endure every day. It is simply complex: full of fun, delight, and adventure; yet    contains hardships, despair and desperation.  Think of your own experiences.  Do you   remember crying in the night in quiet desperation and sorrow? Have you held the hand of a loved one whose eternity was in question?  Have you been separated from a child you dearly loved?  Did you witness an event that cannot be erased from your mind? Have you  committed an act you feel cannot be forgiven? Were you in that dark hole, trembling with fear, not knowing if you would see the next day? Each of us needs a savior.  The Savior will give you hope, forgiveness, strength and ultimately save your soul from eternal danger and harm. 

Think about the world in which we live and contemplate the major events of the past;   humanity needed Him desperately.  We needed to be saved and He wanted to save us!  It is why He was born.  It is why He died.  He is the hope of all nations and people. It is why Luke called Him our Savior, Messiah and Lord.

      The Advent and Christmas season is a celebration of the birth of your Savior, Jesus Christ, who provided all humanity with hope and the free gift of eternal life with Him.  It is a time to celebrate, praise and reflect on Him.

      Just take a minute, do it right now and read the lyrics and listen to the song “Mighty to Save”.


Submitted by Assistant Scout Master, Neill Moore

Troop 200, Parkway Presbyterian Church