December 25th—Christmas Day: Messiah

      “Messiah” is the English translation of the Hebrew word mashiach, which means “anointed one.” The Hebrew word for Messiah comes into the Greek as christos, from which we get the English word Christ. The Jews of Jesus’ day stumbled over their expectations of what the Messiah would be like. They expected that the Messiah would be a leader like Moses and especially a King like David. An earthly King and law giver, who would lead his people to liberation from the Roman oppressors, setting up his earthly kingdom. We too have hopes and expectations of the Messiah that are not Biblical. Hopes like he’ll make our lives healthy, wealthy and constantly prosperous. And therefore we struggle when trials and difficulties come.  How about you? What are your expectations of the Messiah this Christmas season? Are they biblical expectations?

      There was a story many years ago in the San Jose Mercury News that told of a Christening by a very wealthy European family. The guest’s coats were carried to a bedroom and laid on the beds. This was a big deal gathering. After some time of partying, they were ready for the christening ceremony and someone asked, “Where is the baby?” The nurse was sent upstairs to look but couldn’t find the baby! After several minutes’ someone remembered that the child had last been seen lying on one of the beds, and after a frantic search the little child was found smothered under the wraps of the guests. The main reason why they had come had been forgotten, neglected, and finally destroyed! This Christmas many will get so busy doing fun Christmasy stuff that we’ll entirely forget about the reason for the season…the coming of the Messiah who came to take away the sins of the world.


Submitted by Rev. Adel Thalos, Transitional Pastor