Sundays at Parkway are designed to be a gentle collision of energy and reflection. Our halls are filled with quiet conversations, and classrooms simmer with the laughter and learning of adults and children. Prayer and teaching rise above cups of coffee. Bibles are opened. Questions are discussed.

Parkway offers two worship times each Sunday.  Our 8:45am service is more traditional and our 11:00am service more contemporary.   While the music and feel differs between the two services both offer the same sermon and elements of worship.   

In our Sanctuary, lit by radiant beams from the stained glass window, a Cross stands over the people of God as we worship. We desire to submit ourselves before a good and beautiful God, and love Him with everything we are—our lives, our possessions, our words, our families, and our passions. We believe God is especially pleased when we worship collectively. Such worship knits us together, strengthens our relationships, and fuels our service for Christ. Our pastor loves to preach the Bible in an expository fashion, so that the Holy Spirit can transform lives and grow God’s people deeper. We aspire to help people understand the day-to-day relevance of the Bible, while allowing God to shape our hearts by His tangible presence.

We love music, and seek to experience excellence in worship across different many forms, from traditional to contemporary. A classical choir in robes may lead us, or a praise band. No matter the style, we seek to blend a reverent, high-church liturgy with a chance to laugh and celebrate. In all of this, we seek to worship in a way that fosters spiritual growth, is relevant and welcoming for all, and remains rooted to our ancient, orthodox Christian history.

Central to spiritual formation at Parkway is the preaching of the Scriptures each Sunday morning by our Pastor. His aim is to preach expositionally in the power of the Holy Spirit in a way which transforms lives and brings glory to God.