Parkway's Purpose

The best way to communicate Parkway’s purpose is to begin with, "Why are we here?". 

“We exist to glorify God (1 Cor. 10:31) and to enjoy him forever (Ps. 73:25-26).”

How do we do that?

We live our lives in light of what the Apostle Paul calls the
“gospel of God” (Rom. 1:1). The gospel is God’s message of redemption and
reconciliation of man unto Himself. It is called “good news” because God has chosen to
redeem us, not because of our good works, but because of the substitutionary life, death,
and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus took our sin upon himself and
gave us his perfect righteousness! Therefore, God has declared those who receive Christ
as Savior righteous! A gospel-centered life offers freedom from the brokenness of this
world and security that comes from being a child of God. The gospel-centered life
brings God glory and gives us enjoyment in him forever.

What is the outcome of a gospel-centered church? At Parkway, this means four things:

Worship: We worship corporately on Sundays and privately every day of the week.

Grow: We are committed to growing deeper in our spiritual knowledge and our
relationship with God and each other. Weekly Bible studies and serving
one another in love and grace are pathways for growth.

Connect: We are a community and that means we are a fellowship of faith who experience life together. Yes, we each have our own personal life, but we know that
we also exist in community to care, serve, nurture, and equip one another in

Go: We are not here simply for ourselves. We are called to intentionally give the
gospel and ourselves away. We do this through local and international efforts
that feed, educate, house, and love on the most needy.

Parkway Church is made up of men and women, young and old, wealthy and needy who strive to be honest about their brokenness and are called to receive and extend the grace of God.