Classes offered on Sunday from 10AM-10:50AM 


  • Unlocking The Bible Story | Library

This study will walk class members through the entire Bible and will show us many connections. It will also introduce the major themes of the Bible as well as help us understand the vocabulary. We will also see how the Bible points to Jesus Christ as the focal point.

  • Faith Lessons From The Promised Land | Room 109

Travel to Israel and radically change your understanding of the Scriptures.  Wet your feet in the Jordan River and impact the culture with life-giving water.  Cleanse the land by confronting evil and using the tools of society to redeem your world for God.  In this study series, historian and teacher Ray Vander Laan will show us (via DVD) how God guided His people to a specific place - the Promised Land - to impact the world both in ancient times and today.

  • Genesis |  Room 102

Genesis contains some of the most beautiful and well-known stories in the Bible: the garden, the flood, the tower of Babel, and the lives of the patriarchs. These are more than just good stories. They lay the groundwork for God's relationship with humanity and for His plan for our salvation. Genesis is foundational to understanding everything else that happens in the Bible.

  • 1st Peter | Room 104

What makes Christians different from everyone else? The apostle Peter wrote a letter to a group of early Christians to help them understand not only what had happened when they converted, but also how they should live and what they should believe as people who had been born again. Peter's first letter will help us embrace our position in Christ and show us how to live in the center of God's redeeming love, able to withstand anything and everything that would seek to undermine our faith.

  • The Wired Word | Room 115

Explore a topic drawn from the week’s headlines and discuss scriptural applications.

  • Family Class | Preschool Trailer | Room 2

This is a class designed to equip parents to lead their children in an unstable world. This study is a video series blended with group discussion focused on what the Bible has to say about raising children. 

  • Youth Middle School | Trailer B | Room 1

The middle school students are walking through a precepts class on the book of Jonah. This is a verse-by-verse in depth study. 

  • Youth High School | Trailer B | Room 2

The high school students are currently studying the book of Mark. Through lively discussions and questions, the students are learning how to live a life of faith in today's world.