December 7th: Christ as The Word

John 1: 9-18

Christmas has many aspects for me. It is a time of refreshment and being with family and friends, a time for us to remember the needs of others, and a time of lights, hot drinks, and frost in the air.  Most importantly, it is a time of reflecting on the big picture of what the    Father began in Bethlehem in saving us from ourselves.

Christ in John 1:14 is called the Word.  This means He is the personification of God’s revelation.  In Greek, the word used is Logos- essentially a bridge between God and the World. 

This bridge is crucial - what was began in Bethlehem is the only way to restore a right relationship with the creator of the universe.  This reconciliation is only possible by the Father reaching out to us through His revelation as represented by Christ.

As you go through the holiday season this year, I encourage you to reflect on the revelation of our Father as well as what Christ began in Bethlehem.


Father God, thank you for your plan to redeem us.  Thank you for the Christmas Season, for a time of refreshing and family.  Please help us to always remember the reason for the  season.

Submitted by Jeff Mills, Elder